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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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deals this season, like 10% - 30% off select products storewide, and get 5% off every day when you use your lowe's consumer credit card. so hurry in today to save big across the entire store before it's too late. we have a lot of breaking news to cover. a jeep end up on its side after a crash and the other car takes off. who police are looking for. >> several car windows smashed out and police find evidence of a shooting outside a metro mcdonald's but no victim. >> also, denver police chase down three suspects after another reported shooting. before we get to that, we want to update you on an announcement from north korea. they claim they have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. sleeping. you can see on this map here it registered a 5.1. that's the magnitude of it.
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released by north korea. this shows kii jong-un reportedly signing the order for this bomb test. the announcement over state television claims it is a miniaaurizeed hydrogen bomb and takes the country's nuclear power to the next level. the claim is so serious, the u.n. security council has ordered an emergency meeting. overnight a south korea spy agency says the test may have involved an atomic bomb, not bomb. denver police need to track down the driver involved in a rollover. you can see a jeep on its side. %- its driver now in the hospital and officers say the other driver involved didn't stop. they're looking for a white four-dar sedan with damage. several people won't be happy this morning. someone went around smashing out cars overnight. we found at least seven windows shattered along julian street between 10th and 9th.
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your help piecing together a shooting outside a mcdonald's. they got a call around 11:30 sheridan. when they got here all they no victim, no suspect. more breaking news out of denver, police get into a chase with a vehicle wanted after a reported shooting. the victim says the car started following and shooting at them. police stopped the car and no one was hurt. busy night. taking a live look, it's finally calm in the weather department. right now, don't get used to it. >> it's why i like this state. days and another storm. and nor snow. this morning mild. windchill this morning of 12 here in denver. dry connitions and some clear skies. a lot of sunshine for the morning drive. our sunrise around 7:21. you'll find on satellite radar light snow moving in from the west.
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west coast is now moving east. we're going to see a gradual increase in cloud cover later this afternoon. temperatures still very mild. sterling 38. low 30s in the mountains. tonight. we'll talk about that and which commutes could be tougher. >> unfortunately we have a couple of problems. we'll start with this accident 39th. you can see how it's affecting, we're looking from the south, so this is the northbound side of peoria. one lane is open. one lane trying to get by. there are some delays. this is peoria, south of i-70. other trouble spot over in park hill. it's a water main break closing down glencoe, between 30th and mlk. mlk at least for now is reportedly unaffected.
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i'll have more details coming up. jayson, thank you. one of the teen girls accused of planning an attack on their high school will be tried as an adult. police say sienna johnson if released will continue her plans. police say she had a detailed map and bought a bb gun for target practice and used it to hurt pets. >> the things revealed in open court specifically addressee concerns we have related to their reference to "natural born killers" in aajournal we have possession of, as well as the defendant to law enforcement officers fter she was taken into custody. >> johnson will be back in court next week. as for the other teen, she'll % undergo a mental health evaluation. the coroner confirms a body found in the rubble of a
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in arvada is that of a missing counselor we spoke of. john rutter disappeared saturday when that ccinic caught fire. the coroner is looking into how he died exactly. the fire department is looking into the cause of the fire. the widow of a man killed in a crash on colorado denverr7. anthony mills and jonathan nichols died saturday in a four-car crash. police believe the driver was impaired and doing more than twice the speed limit. the victim's widow hopes the driver finds peace. >> it makes me sad and i want to prry for that man that he can come to grips with what he did. i hope there is some accountability, but i'm not going to put hate out there, because that's not what anthony wanted. >> the suspect remains in the hospital where police have
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two former state senators are back in d.c. after an invitation to attend the president's announcement of new executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence. voters in pueblo and colorado springs recalled them both in 2014 for supporting gun legislation. colorado's lead. it just took two and a half % years to do. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. [ applause ] >> president obama couldn't hold back his emotion thinking about the students killed at sandy hook elementary. his plan calls for universal background checks even for sales online and gun shows. in addition to that order, he's
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$500 million to expand access -`to mental health treatment and fund 200 more atf agents. we're getting reaction from both sides of the debate on this issue. the mother of one of the people killed in tte aurora theater yesterday for that speech. she says she was moveed. >> seeing him take the moral leadership to actually cry and share with us. survivors. and to share tears with us, because we cry ever day. >> the other side of this, smith. he posted a rather long reaction on his facebook page,, claimmng the president's actions is a step towards registeriig every firearm in america. he says here, the american
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-`stand by nd quietly allow thatt to happen. we must defend the original articles of the constitutioo. you can find the full reaction, including from the nra, all on our web site, we're waiting for a sound byte there. before you leave, you may want to give yourself a few extra minutes to pick up a power ball ticket, because it's one of the largest in history. up to $450 million this morning. could still rise as people rush to get that ticket. >> i always like the odds. they're not very good. but sally mamdooh, she doesn't care. she's going to buy a ticket anyway, aren't you?? >> reporter: that's right. the minute the clock hits 6:00, there were two people in heee and bought about 40 tickets. the clerk tells me it will be a very busy day.
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could be waiting somebody. the odds are 1 in 292 million. these are very, very slim odds. this specific power ball is unique because it exceeds the size of the sixth largest power ball in history of power balls. a lot of people are excited. i'm going to try my luck and see if i can win. all it takes is $2 to buy a ticket. there we go.. let's see. - all right, guys. i'm feeling anxious here. >> what if that's the one? >> reporter: wwat if. lisa, don't jinx me right now. >> it's on our air, we should all get to split it. >> reporter: no. %- no. i'm the one doing the story out here, so absolutely not, lisa. i'm going to be greedy with this. >> i'm going to make her buy me
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>> reporter: a couple of purses you could say. and a couple more stuff. anyways, 9:00 is when they'll be drawing the numbers and announcing the winners and hopefully it's me. >> hopefully it is, because i'll get a couple of purses out of the deal apparently. >> reporter: i'll do that. that's a lot of money. tracking what will be a nice day across tte plains. clear skies. know moving in -- snow moving in. we are expecting heavier snow across southwestern colorado. we'll talk details on totals in a few minutes. >> already have snow falling in southwest colorado affecting some of the roads. 6th avenue from the west side
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welcome back. it'ss6:13 now. the possibility of mudslides on the west coast. they're also dealing with severe flooding. this is in san diego where heavy rain is taking a lot of drivers y surprise. >> i saw cars going through it, so i thought i'm fine, until i felt my car slightly lift off and i felt all the water and i was like, i can't move. >> el nio also contributing to cold in the east bringing snow to the outer banks of north carolina. warmer temperatures for the east coast. but that heavy rain in the west is supposed to continue the rest of thh week. weather so rough a plane headed from spokane, washington to denver slid into a snow bank. the airport shut down about two hours which caused a lot of traffic problems for a lot of people. you'll notice a big response off i-70 and pena boulevard, this saturday. first responders will hold a half day emergency preparedness drill. this is for the rtd line that goes to the airport.
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morning until about noon. it's saturday. it will be near i-70 and pena. the a line of the light rail scheduled to open to dia april 22nd. u.s. airlines raising rates but you may not notice it. up about $6. it started with delta and then southwest matched that, followed by american, united, got it, i think. it's like, it's like you're in a bed. >> jeez. are you selling these yet? >> what are they talking about? ever need to sleep on the go? this hoodie has an inflatable pillow and it's going viral. blow into the hood's built in tab and you have a pillow. we could use these around here. >> built in pillow. >> i would never take that thing off. that is cool. >> really good idea.
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are no more good ideas somebody thinks of it. why didn't i think of that. colder this weekend. today we have another day of 40s. normal high is 44. our normal high starting to go up now. today it's 44. yesterday it was 43. december, january typically our two coldest months of the year. things gradually get better february and march. 21 now in denver. windchill of just 12. still a cold morning. but definitely doable. not going to be frigid. this weekend a different story. second. castle rock, close to freezing. fort collins at 19. teens and 20s in the central mountains. our highs this afternoon, 43. longmont 44. in boulder today also 44. greeley, 38. 20s and 30s for the mountains
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still close to 50 to the south near pueblo and trinidad. the snow moving in will turn heavier across parts of southwestern colorado within the next few hours. by looks like early to midafternoon we're going to see an increase in clouds from denver tt fort collins to sterling and southwestern corner of our state will see heavier snow. totals there looks like between 6 to 12 inches. by 8:00 tonight that snow moves closer to i-70. if you're heading up to the mountains today or tomorrow you'll start to see the roads along i-70 turning a little more wet. across the plains by early tomorrow morning, we'll get a shot at a little bit of snow. i don't think it will mess with our commute tomorrow. at best, maybe half an inch to an inch thursday. it could be enough to make the roads slick in spots. if you're heading west, icier there. thursday, 6:00 tomorrow night still looking at light snow. flurries here in denver. then we'll get another surge of
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that could bring more accumulation around 1 to 3 inches. heaviest snow to the south and west, where we have winter storm warnings and watches and what not -- a lot of what not going on down there. 43-- sometimes i wonder what is colonel out of my mmuth. 36 on thursday. on friday we're close to freezing. our totals around 1 to 3 inches. i think friday morning commute into friday afternoon could be trickier. skies clearing this weekend. upper 20s and what not overnight. >> if you'll be driving your what not in southwest colorado, you ccn see the snow on highway 160. between during an o and cortez -- durango and cortez, making slick conditions. snow is coming. it's coming our way. take a look at the drive in castle rock. i-25 drive. look at the traffic on the northbound side. on the big map, can't see big
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advance it -- northbound side through the denver tech center most of the heavy traffic is here on the north side of town. 270 busy. had two issues, one this accident on peoria south of i- 70 causing delays. one lane open northbound and water main break on glencoe at mlk. thank you to the what not twins. you might have trouble connecting to an online job seven today. -`the monday after new year's day is the bussest searchhfor a new job. the theory is after the new year people don't like their job and search for a new one. denver in the top 15 cities to find a job.
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the numbers don't surprise the denver metro chamber of commerce. >> we have this educated workforce and a very diverse economy. the combination of those are feeding off each other. >> the report analyzed job opportunities, employment growth, monthly median salary among other factors. aurora ranked 36th. colorado springs 48. broncos have a day offfand back to practice tomorrow to get ready for the playoff game. who will start at quarterback? >> broncos are still off now, but this morning we're talking about brock osweiler. wasn't happy with some of the calls in the chargers game. don't read his lips here. -`it's not good. not happy he got yanked for manning. not my fault, coach! if he does look back in the
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over his shoulder. john elway said, brock is our guy for the future. we want him here. but what about the next game? >> i guarantee you he knows i've got confidence in him and his team has confidence in him. he's a tough young man and he's done a great job. we wouldn't be in the position we're in if he's not done the job he's done. >> bboncos are off again today. but denver 7 has the chiefs texans afc wildcard game this saturday. the winner could be coming to denver the next week. kickoff 2:35. after the game, a special
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good wednesday morning. first alert weather is tracking a storm. it will move through the state the next 24 to 48 hours. fast forward to 7:00 tomorrow % morning and we'll be seeing light to moderate snow in the mountains, which will move east. through our morning commute we
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not going to be much. most likely tomorrow less than an inch at best. more thursday into friday. over two days about 1 to 3 inches. from 36 thursday to near freezing on friday. >> you can see one of the problems we have now, it's clear and dry. this is an accident on peoria and 39th south of i-70. you can see all the activity. one lane open as those folks are trying to make their way up to i-70. the lowry neighborhood. you'll find delays getting up to i-70. otherwise, we have that water main break in parr hill, glencoe near mlk, and heavy traffic, typical stuff on the north side. thank you. today marks one year since terrorists stormed the office of the magazine charlie hebdo in france killing 12 people. this is a look at the cover for their special edition marking the dark anniversary.
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creature with a gun. five more people died in attacks in france in the days following the massacre. we have a spoiler alert for those of you that haven't finished the netflix documentary "making a murderer." >> mute the tv or look away about 30 seconds. the petition to president obama to free steven avery and brenton dassey has reached $100,000. that's needed to reach the president. avery was arrested in 2005, but claims he was innocent. petitioners have asked wisconsin's governor scott walker to pardon avery. he says he won't take action. earlier in his administration he made a decision not to issue
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hard to forget the man who admitted using cocaine -- >> skepticism after north korea
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it's 6:30. get outside and enjoy today because things are changing now. >> that's right. we have snow on theeway. this would be technically the first snowstorm for 2016? >> we're a couple of inches above normal when it comes to our seasonal snowfall totals, but we'll add to that number. 21 in denver. 12 when you factor in the winds. cold start. it's chilly, but not bad. this afternoon more 40s. clear skies across the plains. beautiful start to our day. little snow starting to creep
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it will turn heavier within the next few hours near telluride, durango and gunnison. in denver dry. near 40 by 12:00. our high today, 43. upper 30s to the northeast. closer to 50 to the south. change tonight and tomorrow. we'll look at some of the snowfall totals and what we can expect thursday and friday. >> already seeing snow falling in southwest colorado. accident peoria and 39th causing big delays. havana is open and really n easy alternate but that northbound side is significantly backed up. another trouble spot to the northeast side of the city, and it will be in park hill. a water main break closing down glencoe at mlk. that could be in effect on mlk. we have a photographer on the way to check it out. 270 getting heavier.
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looks okay, just getting busier in the usual spots. thank you. let's pause and dream about what we could do with $450 million from the power ball jackpot. >> take a while. >> my wife would buy throw pillows and boots, because we don't have enough of those. look what i found. 1961 astin martin. the price, you have to ask before they list it. if you have $450 million, who cares. >> i'm dreaming of a vacation. long, warm vacation somewhere. denver7 reporter sally mamdooh is talking about power ball fever. what would you do with all that money? >> reporter: i don't know. a lot of things. i would start a nonprofit. i'm kidding, this is the guy i talked to who said he would start aanonprofit. i would probably do something nice and a lot of shopping, a lot of damage with that money.
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how many tickets? >> about three. >> reporter: three tickets? >> hoping we win the big one. and hopefully the broncos will win. >> reporter: okay, you're thinking about the broncos. going to the super bowl. >> reporter: die hard fan there. what are you going to do with all this cash? >> buy a church and help he people. >> reporter: i'm telling you, the spirit this morning is different. no selfish people here. everybody is coming in wants to buy a nonprofit, buy a church. awesome. >> help people. >> reporter: no cars, house on the beach? >> help people that need it. >> reporter: none of that? see, guys, learn from this. stop talking about your self- fish needs. before i send it back to you, i'm going to buy another ticket. i'm going to ggt greedy. here's my last two dollars of
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>> she's feeding her habit. this is nice. >> reporter: you started something now. >> good luck, sally. >> reporter: never bought a power ball ticket before. this is my first time and i've bought two tickets. i'm going to split this with my photographer, jay, if i win. i'm going to be nice like that, because we're a team. maybe my assistant news director who sent meeout to do this story today, maybe. we'll see. >> good try. you think if you say that you won't have to be out in the snow thursday, think again. i know how this works. >> reporter: you read my mind. >> you tried. breaking news, north korea claims it's successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. but a sooth korea spy agency says it believes the test involved an atomic bomb. still serious. the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting.
6:29 am
around the test site because the usgs recorded seismic activiiy in that area. h bomb is more powerful thhn the weapons they've used in previous underground nuclear testing. just about 6:35 now. a colorado lawmaker wants to hold oil and gas companies liable for earthquakes caused by drilling. representative salazar plans to prose a bill making oil and gas companies in colorado pay for % property vvlue loss or damage. we talked to seismmlogists and they pointed to a dramatic increase in seismic activity in oklahoma.. that. they say it's harder to link a specific quake with a specific well, but it can be done in certain circumstances. economy. three hikers found safe after they got lost in the boulder county sheriff's deputies were called in to help night. they were dressed for the cold,
6:30 am
flash lights and weren't able to find their way out of the dark. a disturbing story why 16- year-old sienna johnson faces charges of planning an attack on mountain advice that high school in highlands ranch. she had a map of where people would be standing on the day of the attack, according to investigators. the other teenager accused in the plot is undergoing a mental health evaluation. more than 800 officers will wear body cameras. the footage will serve as evidence for investigations. new this morning, a man known for being derogatory
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suing the city and police officers. this is eric brant. he carries around a sign and wears a shirt bashing police officers. he's claiming his free speech was violated two times. a man trusted to care for people is accused of taking advantage of them. thomas moore who still has his nursing license, has worked in seven hospitals in the state over the past eight years. three victims from colorado say they were inappropriately touched while under his care. police think there could be more victims. aspen judge ordered a man busted with cocaine to serve two years probbtion. >> you may remember the case in october. he told police "of course i have cocainn up my nose. it's aspen ." the 34-year-old pled guilty.
6:32 am
statement he'll regree the rest of his life. a professor received backlash, this is in 2014, after he made a joke about suicide and murder. he reportedly told his department chairman that he would not kill himself, the chairman or anyone else, unless they were truly evil or had hitler's soul. the two settled out of court. a school district and parents concerned about a plan requiring colorado high school juniors to take the sat instead of the act. juniors take the exams in three months and this is up in the air. weeks ago the department of education said they would make the switch this spring, but this week they said they may keep the act one more year. >> it's like trying to change the tire while the car is moving.
6:33 am
that they've never seen, that in fact none of our educators have yet seen because it's a new test. >> the department of education now says it may transition from the act to the sat next year so 3 that would affect current sophomores. if you've never learned to ski, this is the time. `t's learn to ski and snowboard month in colorado.
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we continue to follow this water maan break in park hill. you can see a large hole in the ground. this is on glencoe between 30th and mlk. mlk is unaffected. you can see denver water crews have quite the job to get it fixed. continued unrest overseas not only with europe, middle east, the situation this
6:35 am
they claimed they have pulled off a nuclear test, still unconfirmed. here are the premarkets. s&p down 34. the nasdaq is down 87. the dow is down 274. bit ago it was down closer to 300. debbie's deal on want you to know this is learn to ski and snowboard month. one day lessons with half off rental equipment for $79 at crested butte. if you want to take three lessons, copper mountain has the best deal for $199, including rental gear. when you finish, you get a free season pass. %- these deals and more on our web site and app. here's an important recall, these black angus beef patties
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fragments sold at sam's club. no reports of anybody getting sick. but consumers are urgeed to patties. a lawsuit claims there's something fishy going on with trader joe's tuna, saying the 5- ounces. trader joe's is not commenting yet. a hot headed coach may have gone too far. caught on camera knocking a ref off his feet. those who saw this this person say, not so fast.
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welcome back. love is in the air. it's time to send your valentines toward the city of love. loveland chamber of commerce has released their cards. >> this is the 70th year for the program. people from all over the world have been sending their valentine's to loveland to get that special stamp.
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official beer and coffee also. all mail must be received by february 10th to ensure on time delivery. >> they need to hire more people every year. i always say i'm going to do it and i don't. i'm going to do it this year. you can see across southwestern colorado rain, snow moving in. this is the storm obviously hitting the west coast, spreading east. it brought flooding rains to california and we're starting to see snow across southwestern colooado. clear skies to the east for now at least. we're looking at a eautiful start. but a bright drive this -`morning. eastbounders will be dealing with bright sun. sunrise around 7:21 this morning. temperatures this morning in the teens to low 20s. denver now at 21. castle rock near freezing. parker 28.
6:39 am
estes park pretty mild. 31 at this point. our highs today are very close where we should be this time of year. denver at 43. castle rock, 46. fort morgan you're at 38. we're at 42 in fort collins. another pleasant afternoon. you're not going to see as much sunshine this afternoon compared to what we saw yesterday. state-wide, 40s to the east and mainly 30s to the west. here's a look at those clouus as they increase through the afternoon. by midafternoon heavier accumulation at that point near telluride, durango, gunnison. southern san juans a good foot of snow in some spots. by 3:00 innrease in clouds across the plains. no snow yet. not until late tonight, early tomorrow morning a shot of snow in denver. that's what it looks like by about 7:30. also central mountains and most of our ski resorts will pick up
6:40 am
by 6:00 thursday night we're still looking at light snow. this is a two-day event. we've got another surge of snow thursday into friday. tomorrow's snow less than an inch at best. around 8:30 early tomorrow morning light snow. not impressive thursday. mainly flurries throughout the day. come friday our totals could be around the 1 to 3-inch range and we're seeeng in some cases 2 to 4. we'll keep an eye on it. 36 thursday. 30 friday. this week jayson, skies clearing out saturday, but cold and overnight lows in the single digits. >> couple of accideets to deal with. one of them here on peoria at 39th. they have moved much of the accident here not center of the roadway. another lane is getting through and relieving a lot of that traffic jam coming up on the northbound side of peoria to i- 70. heavy traffic on 270 from our york camera.
6:41 am
accident reported around back over here in the median, but i can't see it. flashing lights on the right shoulder, but not causing the extra delay. other trouble spots, including an accident on iliff at 225. one at quebec and i live, colorado and alameda, very heavy traffic already building on the freeways as well. offensive foul. no basket, offensive foul and a technical. oh! >> did you see that, what just happened? if you look to the right side of your screee, after the refs call a technical, the coach heads over and appears to head butt an official. someone said it didn't appear like the coach meant it. donald trump faces a setback. later this month brittin's parliament will debate the online petition that could ban
6:42 am
>> more than a half million people have signed on it. the country can ban someone if it's considered their presence inappropriate for the public's good. % it's not clear in trump would meet the criteria. fbi needs your help piecing together the moments before and after the deadly attack in san bernardino, specifically what the attackers did in the 18 minutes they can't account for, between the shooting and shootout with police. investigators want to know where they were, where they went to, who they talked to to learn more. we're waiting to learn the identity of a u.s. member skilled in afghanistaa -- killed in afghanistan, two others injured. a u.s. helicopterrcalled in to rescue those injured also came under fire. big stories of the day in the morning sprint coming up, including north korea's claim.
6:43 am
plotting an attack on her teachers and fellow students
6:44 am
we starr your morning sprint, reaction to breaking news out of north korea, claiming it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the usgs did register a 5.1
6:45 am
the announcemeet claims it is a miniaturizeed bomb. the claim is so serious, the u.n. security council has ordered an emergency meeting today. the white house says it is aware of the claim but cannot confirm its accuracy. overnight a south korean spy agency says the test may have involved an atomic bomb instead. denver police need to track %- down the driver in this rollover. the other driver involved did not stop. just before midnight police get into a chase with a vehicle wanted after a reported shooting. a victim says the car staated following and shooting at them. police managed to stop that car near 34th and arrest all three inside. no one was hurt. westminster police need to piece together a shooting
6:46 am
police got a call -- mcdonald's. poliie got a call -- we found at least seven windows shattered at julian % street and tenth avenue overnight. this accident cleaned up, 39th and peoria, causing delays on the northbound side. we have new issues for us. we have the accidents on the side streets, but a new one reported, 225 about 10 minutes there, new one on i-70 on that westbound side around colorado or york. heavy traffic already coming in through that section. heavy traffic already on i-25 going into downtown, about half an hour there. 6:54 now. a few students have minor injuries after their bus gets into a crash, happened in fort collins. it happened as the bus headed to wellington yesterday
6:47 am
a truck rear-ended the bus. officials say they don't know why that happened. one of the teenages girled accused of planning an attack on her high school will be tried as an adult. in court prosecutors said sienna johnson had a detailed map of the high school for the day of that attack. they also claim she bought a bb gun for target practice and used that weapon to hurt pets. a warning from du this morning, there may be a rapist on the loose. a woman called police saturday saying she had been drugged and raped off campus. details. but they want anyone who may have seen something to call police. police shoot and kill a man from fort collins in wyoming. investigators say they were responding to a call about someone selling drugs last
6:48 am
6:55. live look from the airport. you can see the snow stuck on the ground. we're going to pick up a little bit more. we could add finally some of our snowfall totals for january, heaviest snow today across southwestern colorado where we have a number of alerts, iicluding a winter storm warning for about 6 to 12 inches of snow. light. tomorrow accumulation most likely less than an inch. totals 1 to 3 through friday. early friday. 30 friday. even colder this weekend. >> thank you, lisa. people across the country are handing over their cash. %- jackpot up to $450 million. the next drawing, tonight. the odds. tickets?
6:49 am
sticking to two. done for thh day. it's been packed with people coming in. we hear people asking for the of purchases. yesterday this store alone sold about 120 tickets. the clerk here tells me they're expecting it to be crazy today, filled with people hoping to beat all the odds. the odds are 1 in 292 illion. it's very slim here. lots of prayers and crossing fingers tonight. this power ball is unique because it exceeds the size of the 6th largest power ball in history. a lot of people are hoping. i talked to one person today who purchased a couple and here's what he said. >> i'll probably do a nonprofit organization. % i've always wanted to dothing that helps out the community and i figure, hey, why not when i have ttat much money. >> reporter: the drawing is
6:50 am
best of luck to everybody, including me. back to you. >> that's right. since you got two tickets. telling me there's a chance. >> that's right. `> the jackpot is higher than your odds of winning. >> how many tickets have you bout? >> one, yet. >> will you? >> yet. >> we usually do an officee pool. >> that will go well. >> he's never bought a ticket. at work. >> we're going to hold him down eat a doughnut.
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